KTM EXC & SX rear brake pads



KTM EXC & SX rear brake pads

Manufactured with Japanese sintered cooper-based metal material technology.

Equivalent to OEM P/N:

  • 54813090300

Valid for all EXC and SX models from 2002 to 2021.

The material of backplate is billet steel with copper eletroplating. Muti-metal compound for pads.

Sintered material is an all-metal compound designed for friction in both wet and dry conditions.
The basic fine structure is filled with evenly distributed finer metal friction admixtures.This product is lead-free and asbestos-free friction material. Designed for clients that demand high braking effect and high friction coefficient.

Main Features of these KTM EXC & SX rear brake pads:

  • High static friction coefficient across the whole scope of operating conditions
  • Sufficient resistance to abrasion
  • Thermal stability up to do 600°C, and even up to 850°C over a short term



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